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James Bay – Electric Light

Release Info
Datum: 18. Mai 2018
Zeit: 00:00

James Bay has announced plans for new album ‚Electric Light‘.

The songwriter’s vastly successful debut established a certain formula, one he seems to veer away from on this new record.

Constructed in East London’s Baltic Studios, the singer worked alongside Jon Green and Paul Epworth to construct the material.

He comments: “If I had to describe my first album visually it would probably be a flame – while this new album is about a real sonic and artistic evolution for me. The feeling of a 100 watt bulb expanding and brightening is what I envisioned. Electric Light came to my mind and I knew it was perfect.”

‚Electric Light‘ drops on May 18th, with James Bay set to make his Saturday Night Live debut at the weekend.

Electric Light (2018)

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