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Kim Wilde – Here come the Aliens

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Datum: 16. März 2018
Zeit: 00:00

Kim Wilde –  Here come the Aliens

The new Kim Wilde studio album Here come the Aliens will be released on Friday 16th March 2018 as CD format and vinyl LP. It will include 12 tracks with one track featuring singer Frida Sundemo. The cover has been painted by her niece Scarlett Wilde.

“I’m soooOOOooooOOoo excited to FINALLY be able to share with you my artwork for Kim’s new album ‘Here Come The Aliens’. I hope you like it Kim Wilde : ❤ I’m really proud of it (and it took somewhere in the realm of two years to make haha!). Preorder the album here, I’ve co-written a few songs on there too.” (Scarlett Wilde)


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